Modular Kitchen

Interior Decorators provide the services for Turnkey Interior Design projects. Being a single point source for Design, Manufacturing and Facility Management Services, makes us distinct in this industry. Space planning, furniture manufacturing, ceiling, wall, floor and window treatments, lighting solutions, network planning, air-conditioning, security - the whole range of solutions at one point. With our own manufacturing facilities, you are assured of professional competency.

We do all kinds of wooden works, Modular kitchen & Accessories. All with no design fee and extremely flexible budget options. Take for instance, Products & Services. We fully acknowledge the need to be as flexible as possible to meet the changing needs of our clients and this is reflected in the type and scope of services that we provide.

  • Modular Kitchen & Accessories
  • Aluminium Works
  • Gypsum Board
  • Sintex, PVC, Doors
  • Painting & Polishing
  • All Kind Of Wood Works our new tile-based, affordable, Open Plan Office Systems.


  • Stainless Steel Baskets
  • Drawers
  • HETTICH Channels
  • Aluminium G-Profiles & T-Profiles
  • Plywood carcasses and shutters
  • Inside Lamination.
  • Outside Lamination.
  • Overhead units with glass shutters and spot lights
  • Sink fitted with soap dish
  • Granite Table top.
  • Store Room
  • Vegetables cutting table
  • Electric Chimney
  • Gas stove with separate gas line connection
  • Micro Oven
  • Wall hanging accessories
  • Water purifier  etc.,


  • Modular Kitchen cannot be done if there is a concrete slab already in place. The granite slab will be placed on top of the kitchen boxes and pasted to the wall. Don’t worry, the box has enough strength to withstand the granite’s weight and also you standing on top of it. So, remember! We need a plain room and we will convert it into a beautiful kitchen for you.
  • Do not choose the floor tiles or wall tiles before confirming the shade of the Modular Kitchen. Many people make that mistake and are then forced to choose the color of the Modular Kitchen from a limited number of shades that will go with the already chosen tiles color.
  • Flooring has to be completed before Modular Kitchen assembly start.
  • Wall tiles should be pasted only after fixing all the wall cabinets of your Modular Kitchen. By doing this, you save on your wall tiles as you are required to paste the tiles only on the remaining area not covered by the wall cabinets.
  • Try to avoid a loft inside the main kitchen if you have a storage room separately.
  • Please consult us in advance to know where the switch boxes needs to be provided.
  • Please provide the chimney outlet facility as close to the hob to avoid extra pipes and covering and also it helps improve the suction power of the chimney.


Garnet Kitchen uses only GRADE 304 stainless steel accessories. Accessories come in various types & sizes. They are suitably designed for plates, crockery, cutlery etc. Wire baskets are designed to accommodate utensils, cutlery etc, in a neat & streamlined fashion for easy access and use. They facilitate efficient and convenient use of corner space.

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