"We shall provide comprehensive and total solutions to all Surface Protection needs through innovative and cost effective surface coating technologies."

We are committed to providing the optimum solution to our clients. We look to understand the client’s needs before giving recommendations rather than try enforcing any standard formula. A personalized touch in all our dealings made possible by a responsive organization capable of fast decision making.

Apply the highest standards of excellence and innovation for delivering customer-centric solutions and services. Develop delighted customers by building long-term relationships.

Gee Gee reflects the passion and respect employees share between each other for contributing to the goals of the organization.Gee Gee indicates the clear visibility and message for our "Lifetime customers" on providing value-added business enabling solutions and services.Gee Gee signifies the capabilities in addressing the client needs in providing the most reliable and economic customer-centric solutions.


The team is led by a technocrat MD & CEO with over two decades of professional expertise and an engineering-MBA background. The Organization has a pan India presence with marketing personnel & project site engineers.


1.  Trader & Contractor.

2.  Category of Industry:  Medium Sector.

3.  Given below our Company Profile:

a. Product and Service

We would like to introduce ourselves that we are one of the experienced and leading Epoxy and Polyurethane Flooring, Water Proofing, Acid and Alkali Resistant (Flooring, Wall Coating, Tiling and Structural Painting etc.,), Industrial Flooring and Structural Rehabilitation contractors in all over India.

Our Company was incorporated in 1988 as a Proprietorship firm.  We are Financially and Technically sound, for more than a decade, we have been carrying out various types of consultancy as well as Turnkey contracting jobs like – (Details furnish below).

Epoxy and Polyurethane System for Floor and Wall, Water Proofing, Acid and Alkali Resistant System for - Flooring, Wall Coating, Tiling and Structural Painting etc., Dust proofing, Construction joint Sealing, Protective Coating, Structural Repairs & Rehabilitation, Heavy Duty Pressure Grouting and Mastic Flooring etc., 

Details of Water proofing for various types -
(Basement, Sunken Portion, Terrace, Water Tank and expansion joints etc.,) 

Epoxy and Polyurethane Systems for various types –
(Floors & Walls etc.,)

Acid and Alkali Resistant Systems for various types –
(Using with Polyurethane, Epoxy & Tiling with Mastic Bed Mortar etc.,).

We are undertaking Turnkey basis contract jobs for Interior Decoration works, Modular Kitchen, Home Theatre and all kinds of Partition, Ceiling etc.,
We are dealing with special products like –
(Power saving LED Lights, Marble-Mosaic-Wooden finishes Floor mats, UPVC Profile Doors and Windows, Indoor and outdoor Sports stadium synthetic and special coating, Imported chemical for Floor and Structural surface preparation Materials, Indoor and Outdoor water base and solvent base Decorative paints, Acoustic board for Ceiling, Paneling and Partition and Vehicle paintings etc.,)

We are undertaking Turnkey basis contract jobs in all over India. 
We have all types of application machineries like Waterproofing, Epoxy and Polyurethane Systems, Structural Rehabilitation work etc. 

We are Distributors & Applicators for KCC Paints India Ltd., Apurva India Ltd., and dealing with imported Epoxy, Polyurethane and Water proofing Products also.


The undersigned has served his expertise in the construction chemicals industry for the past 24 years, jump-starting his career in the sales and application department in Chennai in 1987. In 1989, the Head Office was shifted from Chennai to Coimbatore.

Since then, we have been carrying out specialized civil engineering projects using various products manufactured by reputed construction chemical companies and imported construction chemicals.  Now we are expanding in turnkey contractor for Modular Kitchen and Home Theatre also.  We anticipate expanding further in the aforementioned areas. We have branches operational in both Chennai and Coimbatore.

                                                                                           G. PAUL LALITH KUMAR.
                                                                                                                           M.D. & CEO.


Organization Chart
Resources – Manpower

  Total No. of Employees
  Office Staff
  Technical Staff with Quality Assurance
  Skilled Workers
  Semi Skilled Workers

Our Group of Organizations

  1. Gee Gee Enterprises, Chemfab Applicators and Universal Coatings based on Chennai.
  2. Hi-Tech Civil Project & Services, Build Care Technology, United Coatings and Gee Gee Promoters based on Coimbatore.

We are undertaking all type of Construction Chemical Application jobs at all over India.

  Epoxy System
Floor Coating
Wall Coating
All type of Self Leveling with Screed etc.,

  Polyurethane System
Floor Coating
Wall Coating
All type of Self Leveling with Screed etc.,

  Antistatic Flooring (ESD Flooring)
Coating and Self Leveling.
(With Copper - Tape / Strip / Wire – connected to Earth pit).

  Water Proofing
Revetment Wall
Water Tank.
Humidification Plant Room.
Expansion Joints etc.,

  Anticorrosive System (Floor, Wall & Steel Structure).
Effluent Treatment Plant.
Sewage Treatment Plant.
Water Treatment Plant.
Chemical Storage Area.

Chemicals, Dyes, Acids, Alkalis and other Chemical
Oriented handling Plant Machineries, M.S. & Steel Structures, Floor and
Wall Treatments etc.,

  Thermal Insulation System

Ally types of Roofs – RCC, G.I., Galvalium-Aluminum sheet, Zinc-Aluminum sheet, Pre-coated sheets and Asbestos roofs etc.,
Top & Bottom surface of Buses – Both AC & Non-AC.
Rail Coaches and Vehicles top.

  Interior Decoration

All types of Aluminum partition, Door, Window, Handrail, Cabinet and Ceiling etc.,
All types of Gypboard partition and Ceiling etc.,
All types of Ceiling (Gypboard, Aluminium, Acoustic and Thermocole etc.,
All types of Acoustic paneling and Ceiling etc.,
All types of Carpentry work etc.,
All types of Painting etc.,
All types of Flooring etc.,

  Modular Kitchen

Kitchen Accessories.
All Kind Of Wood Works our new tile-based.
Aluminium Works.
Gypsum Board.
Sintex, PVC, Doors.
Table tops.
Painting & Polishing.

  Home Theater

Total Systems for Home Theatre.

(Home theatre Projector, Ordinary Projector, Latest Screens, Hoofer with Speaker, DVD Players, Amplifier etc.,).

Sound Proof System.
(Acoustic Ceiling with wall paneling).

Carpentry work.

(Wall paneling with Designing, Ceiling, Screen back grounds, Flooring, Chairs, Tables and Cupboards etc.)


(Wooden Flooring, Vinyl Flooring, Epoxy Flooring, Vitrified / Marble / Granite Flooring etc.).


(Chairs, Tables, Cupboards, etc.,)

In our past experience we have completed the following area details

Epoxy Flooring   15,00,000 Sq.M.
Water proofing  8,00,000 Sq.M.
Acid & Alkali Resistant work 1,00,000 Sq.M.

And many other works etc.,


2006 – 2007 3,60,00,000.00
2007 – 2008 6,50,00,000.00
2008 – 2009 5,20,00,000.00
2009 – 2010 5,40,00,000.00
2010 – 2011 5,80,00,000.00




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