Thermal Insulation System

New Thermocoat Technology

 Thermocoat  is one-component acrylic water based exterior paint that repels heat energy, keeping buildings / structures cooler in summer & warmer in winter.  Its unique formula results in lower energy cost & a higher level of comfort.  Its elastic film acts as water proofing barrier as this is film is impermeable to water.

Thermocoat works on basis of vacuum micro-spheres which has very low thermal conductivity, combined with the water resistance of acrylic resin.  It has a very high reflectivity, weather-ability, ultraviolet resistance and adhesion to all roof surfaces.

Product Characteristics with Features / Benefits

  1. Reflects 95% of the heat striking the roof surface & Controls heat transfer
  2. Heat insulation and energy saving coating.
  3. Excellent UV resistance with High solar reflectance.\
  4. Also acts a water proofing agent in RCC roof to the extent of hairline cracks.
  5. The film is water resistant – hence prevents formation of algae and fungi.
  6. Does not crack due to wide temperature fluctuation
  7. Eliminates harmful glare due its matt finish.
  8. Can be tinted in light coloured shade.
  9. Increases the emissivity of the coated surface and increases re-radiation level and thereby lesser absorption.


  1. Keeps your work space environment cooler and comfortable thereby enhancing productivity.
  2. Reduced energy Costs on Air-conditioning.
  3. Reduces room temperature by 12°C to 18°C during peak summer conditions.
  4. Can be used for RCC roofs as both a heat reflective and water proofing agent.
  5. Encapsulates asbestos particles on asbestos roof preventing pollution and harmful effect.
  6. Good durability and weather-ability, enhances the life of roof.
  7. Good adherence to wood, metal, RCC and all types of roofs.
  8. All these at a very low cost and maintenance.

Typical Applications

  1. Concrete, metal, fibre or timber surfaces.
  2. Roofing of residential & commercial complexes.
  3. Cold storage.
  4. Fuel & water tanks.

Technical information

  1. Colour : White
  2. Appearance Conductivity : 0.029 w/m K
  3. Elongation :>100%.
  4. Specific gravity : 1.03.
  5. Surface dry : 30 min.

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