Anticorrosive Systems

(ETP, STP, Acid, Alkali and Chemical Utility area).

a) Application at Steel Structure

  1. The existing surface should be clean without dust, dirt and loosely particles using with Sander machine and manual surface preparation etc.,
  2. All rust and corrosion should be removed thoroughly.
  3. All junction, gap, pinholes, blowholes and welded portion should be seal with Epoxy putty.
  4. Over the sound and prepared surface, apply one coat of Rust converted primer.
  5. Over the rust converted primer, apply one coat of specially formulated corrosion protection polyurethane primer.
  6. Over the primed surface, apply one coat of High Build Polyurethane MIO coating.
  7. Over the MIO coating, apply two top coat of Polyurethane Anticorrosive coating.

Note: Application is available on Aliphatic & Aromatic areas.


b) Application at Civil Structure

Surface Preparation

  1. The existing surface should be cleaned without dust, dirt and loosely
    adhering particles 
  2. All perpendicular joints will be dadoing using with rich mix cement
    Concrete finished with Polymer mortar with Acrylic primer.
  3. All cold joints should be chipped and packed with Polymer mortar with
    Latex primer simultaneously pressure grouting will be done using with cement milk and expansive additive.

Over the sound surface apply one coat of Water Base Epoxy Primer (If it necessary)Second coat will be Water base Epoxy Putty (If it necessary). Top should be finished with two coat of Anticorrosive coating.

Note: Application is available on Aliphatic & Aromatic areas.


c) Application at M.S. & Steel Storage Tank

Step -I :

Thorough cleaning and sand blasting of the inside of tank to give Surface finish as per Swedish 2-1/2 standard to remove mill scale And better adhesion (if it necessary).

Step –II :

Over this cleaned surface apply one coat of a solvent free Epoxy primer coat.
Dry film thickness   – 75 micron (DFT)

Step –III :

Over this surface apply an Epoxy under coat
Dry film thickness   –  75 micron (DFT)

Step –IV   :

Over this, lay and fix 2 layers of fiber cloth of 110gms. Density Epoxy compatible and duly impregnate each layer with an Epoxy Impregnation coat if it necessary.

Step –V :

Over the above, apply two coat Epoxy seal coats.        
Dry film thickness   –  125 microns. (DFT)

Step –VI :

The above epoxy lining should be subjected to a high temperature of 80° C in order to obtain optimum physical properties and chemical resistance characteristics and this will be done with the help of storing hot water in the tank at 80° C for a period of 4 to 6 hours after curing of around 48 hours.

Note: Application is available on Aliphatic & Aromatic areas.

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