Hygienic Industrial & Hospital

What is Hygienic Surface?

A hygienic surface is one which is easily cleanable, smooth, unbroken and which does not allow the growth of Fungi & Bacteria.  Hygienic coatings have active ingredients which assist in removal or deactivation of bio-contamination.

Areas of Application

A) Flooring ..........................          

  • Epoxy & Polyurethane Floorings.
  • Sterile Epoxy & Polyurethane Flooring.
  • Self Levelling Epoxy Screed.
  • Joint Covings.

Normally we are recommended for 2 to 3 mm thick Sterile Epoxy Self Levelling and Screed Self Levelling in Pharmaceutical companies.
Salient features:                    

  • Provides a totally seamless floor.
  • Prevents growth of bacteria and fungus.
  • Easy and complete clean ability.
  • Provides smooth and hard surface.
  • Can be provided in different colour shades to distinguish various areas.
  • Enhances Aesthetics.
  • Joints can be coved for easy clean ability.


B) Joint Covings...................
      Epoxy & Polyurethane Sterile Base.
Two types are available.  One is Pencil coving other one is Perpendicular joints Epoxy Coving.

For proper cleaning all 90°joints like wall to floor, wall to wall and wall to ceiling should be coved.

We offer Epoxy Based Mortar for coving all these joints and Epoxy based paste coving for Pencil Coving.

Salient features:

  • Forms a tough surface.
  • Forms a smooth and joint less cove, which can be coated with Epoxy coating for a very smooth surface.
  • Fast setting.

C) Internal Walls and Ceilings
      Sterile Putty.
      Internal Wall Coatings.
       -   Hygienic & Sterile Coatings.         

Specially formulated skim coat comprising of white cement and polymer to provide smooth surface to receive wall coating. Water Borne Polyurethane Coating in White or desired colour shades. Acrylic Emulsion based wall coating for effective hygiene maintenance.

Salient features:         

  • Forms an excellent bond with plaster. 
  • Can be applied on moist plaster without waiting for drop in moisture thus improving in Project Completion Schedule.
  • Excellent workability and finish.
  • Provides a hard and tough surface unaffected by water or moisture.
  • Forms a seamless membrane type coating with very good flexibility and elasticity.
  • The film is tough and can be repeatedly washed for maintenance of hygiene.
  • Stain resistant.
  • Excellent resistance to fungus growth, normal disinfectants and chemicals.
  • Imparts smooth and satin finish to the walls.
  • Has been tested for anti-fungal properties.

 Clean Rooms and Laboratories.....................   

  • Flooring, Walls & Ceilings.
     (above said Systems).
  • Table Tops – Sterile Epoxy & Polyurethane Systems.
     (Flooring System).

Storage and Warehouse...            

  • Flooring – Heavy Duty Epoxy & Polyurethane Flooring Systems.  
  • Walls & Ceilings (Above said Systems).

Chemical Utility area......             
 Anticorrosive Systems for

  • Floors (above said system).
  • Walls (above said system).                                                            
  • Structures.
    (Anticorrosive coating for chemical used area and Food Grade Epoxy / Sterile Epoxy Coating for sterile area).
  • Storage Tanks.
    (Anticorrosive coating for chemical stored area and Food Grade Epoxy / Sterile Epoxy Coating for sterile storing area).               

Water Proofing ..............               

  • Terrace, Over Head Tanks, Sumps, Sunken Portions, Utility Areas and Washing areas etc.,
  • General purpose water proofing system is adopted.

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